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Roe Park Map Illustration 

I was asked by Roe Park to help them create an illustrated map they could put in their brochures and printed materials to show what there is to do around Northern Ireland's north and west coast

Shindigs Crisps Illustration

At Morrow Communications we redesigned the packaging for Shindig's Crisp brand to be more up market. We created a very sleek and posh looking brand, which is totally different from their previous more rock and roll branded packaging. I illustrated Lurig mountain, beside where shindigs factory is located, and illustrated the logo, and other elements on the crisp packaging. 

Lurigeadan (1154ft) ‘the ridge of the face or brow’ or Lurig as it is commonly called, looks down on Cushendall and Waterfoot. I was thrilled to illustrate this beautiful Irish country side, and while it is a totally invented scene, I added familiar locations to where the factory of Shindigs is in the north coast of Ireland.  Located at the Glenns of Antrim, a beautiful and scenic place I made sure to capture the beauty of the countryside using a cross hatching and vintage illustration style to make the illustration feel traditional and classic. The illustration is also seamless, it can wrap around any packaging if scaled correctly, this is excellent for use on social media and other packaging and branded materials for Shindigs. 

Book Illustration
'The Ballerina who Lost Her Fro' 
Published 2020

I was contacted through instagram from an author and influencer called Briana Williamson got in contact after seeing my illustrations online, we worked together to create this book about her daughter being discriminated against in ballet class because of her hair type. This book is available in Barnes and Noble and amazon. 

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